Introducing Michael starring Ben

Michael starring Ben

For the last few years, the incredible Michael Jackson look and sound alike, Ben Bowman, has headlined the talented cast and crew behind Jackson Live In Concert. Ben and his band’s last show with Jackson Live In Concert will be 26 May 2018; then we’re taking you on an even bigger Michael Jackson journey with Michael starring Ben.

Ben is the star of the show; combining his unparalleled talent with his unfaltering band and dancers who support him, to give the audience a Michael Jackson experience that could only be replicated by one man; Michael himself.

2018 and beyond promise to be on a scale like no other. Ben, his band and crew, in conjunction with James Baker Productions Ltd will be bringing “Michael starring Ben” to a theatre near you.

The show will take you on the familiar journey of the story of Michael; delivered in such a way that only Ben and his band can do, with a show that pushes the boundaries of tribute leaving audiences believing it’s Michael Jackson they’re watching on stage.

In the coming weeks and months; we’ll be announcing our 2018 tour dates! From everyone at James Baker Productions, we thank all fans and supporters for your continued dedication; we owe it all to you, and of course, Michael.